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Mr. Foo is a dedicated criminal defence lawyer with almost 30 years practice experience (Asst Registrar High Court, Magistrate, Deputy Public Prosecutor and State Counsel, then as dedicated Defence Counsel). He applies his expertise to bring you a focused, solution-oriented and effective approach to your criminal case. 

Foo Cheow Ming started his career in the Legal Service where between
1989-1999 he served firstly as Assistant Registrar of Supreme Court, and
then as Deputy Public Prosecutor in the Attorney-General’s Chambers.
Upon joining private practice in 1999 he worked in partnership with
prominent criminal defender Mr Sant Singh Senior Counsel for 5 years.
For 7 years he then carried out a fulltime dedicated criminal defence
practice in KhattarWong LLP, one of Singapore’s biggest firm. During his
time in KhattarWong he also collaborated and worked closely with Mr
Subhas Anandan, another prominent expert criminal defence lawyer well
known in Singapore and abroad.

Mr Foo is appointed to the List of Counsel for the Cour Penale
Internationale (International Criminal Court, ”ICC”) in The Hague,
Netherlands. The ICC is an independent, permanent court instituted under
UN auspices that tries persons accused of the most heinous crimes of
international concern, namely genocide, crimes against humanity and war
crimes. He is believed to be the first counsel from Singapore, as well
as amongst the first appointed from the countries of SE Asia and East
Asia, who has been so honoured.

Mr Foo today commands 20+ years of experience acting as both defence and
prosecuting counsel in cases involving every description of
white-collar, traffic, technical as well as violent crime offences
including cheating, maid abuse, causing hurt and outraging of modesty,
corruption, firearms offences, murder, bank robbery, Companies Act
offences, road traffic, medical or industrial accident cases involving
complex technical issues of accident reconstruction and contest of
expert engineering, medical or psychiatric opinions, Factories Act
offences, Computer Misuse Act offences, illegal money
lending/laundering, harbouring and employment of immigration offenders
and foreign workers, drug consumption and trafficking, and departmental
summonses. Mr Foo has represented/advised major companies (Singapore
Technologies Marine, AsiaLink Marine), banks as well as statutory boards
(such as Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore, Energy Market
Authority, Maritime Port Authority, Council for Private Education, just
to mention a few) in the course of his work.

Mr Foo is one of the co-founders of Sant Singh Partnership and Templars Law LLC.  

Mr Foo’s Appointments and Memberships (both current and historical) include:-
  • Counsel, International Criminal Court
  • Member , Asean Law Association (Singapore)
  • Member, International Criminal Defence Attorneys Association
  • Law
    Society’s Criminal Practice Committee – helping the professionreview
    and carry out best practices in criminal law and practice
  • Member, Law Society’s Ad Hoc Committee to Review the 2007 Penal CodeAmendments.
  • Volunteer,
    Law Society’s Pro Bono Free Legal Clinic as well as Criminal Legal Aid
    Scheme (CLAS) program, which provides legal representation for those
    persons charged with criminal offences but who cannot otherwise afford
    legal defence.
  • Member, Law Society’s Working Sub-committee to Review the 2008 Criminal Procedure Code Amendments
  • Member, International Criminal Bar (since 2009)
  • Member, Executive Committee, Association of Criminal Lawyers of Singapore (ACLS)


Mr Foo, who is also effectively bilingual in English and Mandarin, is
also frequently consulted and quoted in the local Chinese daily
newspapers such as Lian He Zao Bao (where he contributes to a regular
legal column in ”Xin Hui Dian”), Lian He Wan Bao and Shin Min Daily

Mr Foo is one of the most respected criminal defence counsel as recognized by Whos Who Legal.

Mr Foo is a Contributing Expert to World Justice Project Rule of Law Index
Annual Report Singapore Section – giving professional and independent
assessment on the state of the Rule of Law and Justice in

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网址: www.SingaporeCriminalLawyers.Com
传真:65 6 4288235




  • 为新加坡民航总局提供一般法律意见并代理其进行诉讼
  • 代表能源市场管理局(Energy
    Market Authority)进行诉讼,能源市场管理局的职责是管理电力和天然气行业以及指定地区的制冷服务 
  • 为海事港务局(Maritime
    and Port
  • 代表Singapore
    Technologies Marine,一家大型船厂(民事及国防)进行诉讼
  • 为卫生科学局(Health
    Science Authority)提供一般法律意见和进行诉讼
  • 为国家艺术理事会(National
    Arts Council)提供一般法律咨询意见 
  • 为一起重大商业欺诈案件的刑事部分提供咨询意见,该案件涉及一家因中航油丑闻而遭受巨额损失的大型银行
  • 为一家上市公司董事间的纠纷提供刑事和公司法方面的咨询意见 
  • 为两家新加坡证券交易所上市公司的审计委员会提供关于董事内部纠纷的法律意见
  • 为两家新加坡证券交易所上市公司的审计委员会提供关于董事内部纠纷的法律意见
  • 代理一位因涉嫌跨国欺诈、伪造和诈骗行为而遭受新加坡商业事务局调查的客户
  • 代理一起滥用计算机法令下重大的刑事案件,该案件涉及上百项指控
  • 国际刑事法院律师
  • 东盟法律协会新加坡成员
  • 国际刑事辩护律师协会会员
  • 新加坡律师公会刑法委员会会员
    – 协助进行专业审查并执行刑事法最佳行为准则
  • 新加坡律师公会临时委员会(审查刑事法典2007年修正案)会员,关于“侵犯隐私和性侵犯”、“年龄误解之辩护”、“同意的推断”、“敲诈勒索”、“诈骗”和“加刑”等工作小组的报告员兼秘书  
  • 新加坡律师公会法律援助志愿者 
  • 新加坡律师公会审查刑事诉讼法典2008年修正案工作委员会会员
  • 国际刑事律师协会,会员(自2009年起)